Have Questions?



Q:  So, how exactly does this whole Cargo Critters thing work?

A: It’s simple!  Each month, a new Cargo Critter is sculpted by Elizabeth Hudec, a mixed-medium artist from Oregon.  You can watch the process unfold on social media (Facebook and Instagram), and once the Critter for the month is complete, there will be a contest to give away the Cargo Critter to one lucky social media follower.  The way to enter will vary by month, but it will always be really straightforward – like the page, leave a comment, tag a friend, etc.  The winner will be randomly selected from the pool of all social media followers who participated, and the winner will be notified via private message and have the Cargo Critter shipped to them within a week or two of winning!

Q: What time of the month are they given away?

A: Generally on the last day of each month, but it could vary, so follow us on social media to stay updated!  This website is really just informational – the real activity happens on Facebook and Instagram each month!

Q: Do I need to have a Facebook account?

A: You need to have either a Facebook page or an Instagram account.  If you have both, you have a better chance of winning, because we’ll have ways to enter on each platform.  But you can still participate, even if you have only one.

Q: Do I need to have an Instagram account?

A: You need to have either a Facebook page or an Instagram account.  If you have both, you have a better chance of winning, because we’ll have ways to enter on each platform.  But you can still participate, even if you have only one.

Q:  Do I have to buy anything to enter?

A:  Nope!  Just follow Cargo Critters on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll walk you through the entry process each month.  No sign ups and no purchases required!

Q:  If I win, what exactly am I winning?

A:  You win that month’s Critter sculpture, the custom cargo crate that it is pictured in, a signed certificate of authenticity, a little birth certificate, and a card with care instructions.

Q: If I win, do I have to pay for shipping?

A: Nope!  You don’t need to pay for anything at any time.   If you win, the Cargo Critter of the month will be shipped to you completely on us!

Q: Do I have to live in the US to enter?

A: You can enter from anywhere in the world! 

Q: What are the contest rules and guidelines?

A: The contest rules and guidelines are posted on our Facebook page and our Instagram account as the first image in the photo gallery.  

Q: If I win a Cargo Critter, can I resell it?

A: Of course!  It is completely yours to do with what you will!  

Q: What other types of things do you post on the Cargo Critters social media pages, besides giveaway information?

A:  The process to make these Critters involves a lot of fascinating steps, and we’ll take you with us on that artist journey throughout the month.  There will also be opinion polls, just for fun.  Things like, “Which of these fabrics do you like best for a baby Reindeer” or “Which name suits this little baby chimpanzee the most?”  We won’t spam your feed, but we will keep you engaged in the artist and adorable process of bringing these Cargo Critters to life!

Q: How many Cargo Critters are created and given away per month?

A: One completely unique Critter per month!


Q: Can I just buy a Cargo Critter?

A: Unfortunately no.  The only way to own one is to try to win one each month through our social media contest.  One Cargo Critter is created and given away per month, and the lucky winner could be you!  

Q: Is the fur real or fake?

A: All of the fur we use is fake fur.

Q: How big are the Cargo Critters?

A: If you take a look at the gallery, you can see some of the Critters in people’s hands, which will give you a sense of scale.  They are about the size of a big burrito, and the crates they come in are about 10”x10”.

Q: Does the swaddle blanket come off?

A: No, the swaddle is permanently attached around the Cargo Critter and doesn’t come off.

Q: Where do you get the cargo crates that the creatures are in?

A: We make them from scratch!

Q: How breakable are they?  Could a child play with them?

A: I would say they are definitely more art dolls than toys.  They aren’t terribly fragile, but if you drop them or children play with them, they will break and chip and dent and all of that.  And small parts could certainly fall off and be choking hazards.  Older children or adults recommended.


Q: What creature is on your logo?

A: A tarsier!  

Q: What other things do you do?

A: Cargo Critters is a stand-alone entity, but Elizabeth Hudec does do freelance art in other areas.  You can visit her personal artist website here.

Q: I have a different question, not answered here.  Can I contact you?

A: We’d love to hear from you!  Drop us a private message on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Q: Do you ever do tutorials or teach workshops?

A: In 2019, we are going to launch a Patreon page, where people can sign up to support Cargo Critters, and get behind the scenes access to the process, with photo galleries, timelapses, video tutorials, live sculpts, Q&A sessions with Elizabeth, and more!  We will post on our Cargo Critter social media pages when our Patreon page goes live in 2019!