The Artist

I’ve loved sculpting for as long as I can remember, and working with a variety of materials has always been my favorite.  Fabric, clay, wire, paints, glass, odds-and-ends, I love all sculpting mediums!  You put me on vacation with snow outside, and you’ll get a giant snow octopus – I just love sculpting!

I graduated from George Fox University in 2010 with a degree in Cinema and Media Communications (focusing on film production), and was invited back a year later to begin teaching in the department as an adjunct professor.  Teaching at George Fox University was one of the highlights of my career, to this day.  One of my favorite classes that I taught, was a production design class, where I had the privilege of working with some very talented students as we worked on set design, costumes, mask sculpting, making aliens out of found-materials – I had a blast that semester.

I live near Portland, Oregon with my wonderful husband Justin, our exuberant toddler son who we adopted from South Korea in 2018 (best decision of our lives!), an escape-artist chameleon named Bindi, and soon we will be adding a massive, lumbering Newfoundland puppy to our family in 2019.  Can’t wait to go truffle hunting altogether in the woods of the Pacific Northwest as a family!

I look forward to sharing my artistic adventures with you on social media!

-Elizabeth Hudec

Cargo Critters Founder and Artist

If you want to learn more about the art of Elizabeth Hudec, you can visit her personal artist website – www.BelfryDesign.com