Cargo Critters

Cargo Critters was born out of a passion for sculpting and a love of animals and unusual art.  Hand-created from scratch by Oregon artist Elizabeth Hudec, each snuggly Cargo Critter is bursting with expression, charm, and a whimsical backstory that gives it its own unique personality.  We know you will fall in love with the latest animal in the collection each month, and we hope you will join us in the social media experience of seeing the creation of each creature unfold!

So, what exactly is this whole Cargo Critters thing?  Well, each month, a new Cargo Critter is sculpted by Elizabeth, and you can watch the process unfold on social media (Facebook and Instagram), and once the Cargo Critter for the month is complete, there will be a contest to give it away to one lucky social media follower.  The way to enter will vary slightly each month, but it will always be really straightforward – like the page, leave a comment, tag a friend, etc.  The winner will be randomly selected from the pool of all social media followers who participated, and the winner will be notified via private message and have the Cargo Critter shipped to them, anywhere in the world!

We know you might have more questions, so we’ve created an FAQ’s Page to answer our most commonly asked questions.

See you on social media – the next Cargo Critter could be coming home to you!

-The Cargo Critters Team